Full Spec Australia’s Top 10 Safety Rules

For the benefit of clients, staff, contractors and the general public, we feel that safety in construction is important enough to list here our top ten basic safety rules for the building industry. Whilst they are intended for builders and the like, they are also good guidelines for everyone!


  1. NEVER work at height without fall protection.
  2. NEVER enter a designated confined space without training and a permit.
  3. NEVER enter a designated exclusion zone without authorisation.
  4. NEVER be under a suspended load.
  5. NEVER consume or be under the influence of alcohol or non-approved drugs in the workplace.
  6. NEVER work on plant and equipment without verifying isolation, tagging and testing.
  7. NEVER tamper with, remove or bypass a safety device.
  8. NEVER operate plant or mobile equipment unless licensed / competent.
  9. NEVER operate a vehicle while using an electronic handheld device nor without wearing a seatbelt where fitted.
  10. NEVER walk directly behind or in the path of a reversing vehicle.