Noise Pollution No More – Incorporate Full Spec Resin into Your Landscaping Projects!

Heavy machinery is a great tool for modern construction, as it not only speeds up the building process but also makes everything run as smooth as possible. This does come at a cost, as heavy machinery can be very noisy – and this can be particularly frustrating to neighbours and passers-by.  A noisy environment impacts upon both your own as well as their daily existence, and unless smart design techniques are employed, it will also limit the future potential of a space. The good news is that you can significantly reduce noise pollution by using Full Spec Resin, this will keep everyone happy so that you can focus on achieving a great result all round. Here is our guide for professional landscape contractors that will help you find ways to reduce noise pollution.

Heavy Machinery – When Is It Better to Say NO?

Using heavy machinery doesn’t always make good sense. Whilst construction workers usually wear earmuffs and other protective gear, the local residents and neighbours often do not have access to this equipment. The use of heavy machinery will disrupt their daily lives and standard of living, so naturally they will do everything in their power to prevent its use.

It is important to remember that in some cases home owners can request that heavy machinery not be used, if they meet one or more of the following requirements:

  • Residents with a newborn baby
  • Properties which house elderly or ill people
  • Homes located nearby to a childcare, which have designated quiet times
  • Homes nearby libraries which request low noise
  • Homes nearby to a hospital “quiet zone”

In any of these situations, you will need to consider alternatives – and this is where our product comes in.

How Full Spec Resin Can Help!

Our product helps to cut down significantly on noise, and it is also quick and easy to install. This makes the process much easier for you as a builder, and your client is sure to appreciate the finished result for many years to come. Full Spec Resin can be incorporated in many areas throughout the property including driveways, pathways, garden beds and other landscapes/hardscaped areas. Here are a few compelling reasons to opt for Full Spec Resin and give the heavy machinery a miss:

  • No need for noisy and time-consuming excavation. Our product can be laid directly over the existing surface.
  • Quick and easy manual installation, with no noise or mess left behind.
  • Suitable for most surfaces
  • Custom mixed according to your requirements and your client’s specific requests. We can help you to achieve a wonderful outdoor landscape, even if the geography looks difficult.
  • Porous – reduce the need to install extra drainage. Our product is fully porous, allowing water to reach garden beds and plants with ease.
  • Sound Absorption – Porous resin is naturally effective at reducing reverberating sounds, this is why it is so popular for use in high traffic areas. It is ideal for schools, as it is remarkably effective at reducing the noise resulting from hundreds of school children in the playground.


Ready to stop the noise pollution? Contact us today!

Full Spec are here to assist you, so please contact us today if you require advice on noise minimisation or how you can best use our product in your projects. We will work with you to find a solution that does not involve the use of heavy machinery – which means a win-win situation for everyone.