Smart, homely and inviting lounge rooms

No matter the space you have available, it’s important to use it wisely. Full Spec can work to your architects’ design and create a stunning new living room that will meet your family’s needs long term. We all deserve to relax and unwind at the end of a long day, and with the living room being a focal point of the home, attention must be paid towards the look, function and ambience of the room.

 A well-designed living room is spacious, inviting and conducive to conversation – a place which you will be proud to call your own. Full Spec pay careful attention to the details, using high-quality materials and ensuring a stunning result that is ready to be used your way, whether that’s catching up on your favourite TV shows, curling up on the couch to enjoy a good book or hosting lavish parties with your friends and family.  

 Stylish Lounge Rooms of Any Size

Every home is different, and every client has different desires for their living room. Whether you want to show off a bit of your personality, stick with a classic design or be bold and embrace new trends, Full Spec have the construction skills and expertise to turn dreams into reality. We always aim to exceed client expectations, and we specialise in all styles including luxury, contemporary, classy, modern, retro, classic and simple living.

Rest assured that we are the right people for the job.  We have worked on small townhouses through to large multi-storey homes, and every member of our team has a keen understanding of space and how to best utilise it. We create a warm, spacious feel by using a combination of natural and artificial lighting, as well as neutral colours and soft design elements to enhance mood and comfort. Working to your plans and engaging regularly with your architect, you can rest assured that the finished result will be everything you dreamed of and more.

Multifunctional Rooms

Not everyone uses their family room in the same manner, for example you may like to incorporate a home office, music room, home theatre, formal/casual dining area or rumpus room into the space you have available. With the use of dividing walls and smart storage, it is possible to enjoy multiple activities within a single room and enhance the functionality of your home. There are no limits to what can be achieved with smart design. 

Open Plan Living Experts

Recently there has been a trend towards open-plan living, and if this is something you’d like to explore we invite you to discuss this with your architect. Open plan living allows for seamless transition between rooms and maximizes the functionality of your home. Full Spec use high quality materials and have a comprehensive understanding of acoustics and cohesive design to ensure long-term performance and comfort.

Contact Full Spec Australia Today

If you’re about to embark on a new building project or renovation plans, we’d love to play a part. To discuss your lounge room plans, please contact our friendly team on 1300 385 577 today. Alternatively, you can submit an online enquiry and we’ll get back to you. We look forward to working with you.

Residential Construction Services for Living Rooms

Our living rooms are aesthetically beautiful and exceptionally functional, lavish and welcoming open plan spaces that facilitate the sharing and connection between family members, picturesque outdoor areas that maximise the Australian climate and flexible, sumptuous living zones that create the ideal setting for peaceful relaxation.

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