Hardscaping – The Hot New Trend for Sydney Home Owners

Innovative hardscaping is the latest trend in landscaping, and Full Spec are proud to help our customers find the landscaping solutions they deserve. Why settle for anything less than the best? If you’re sick of living in a concrete jungle and traditional landscaping which incorporates large, heavy rocks, we have a solution for you. Our porous product is easy to install and will put an end to your soil erosion concerns as well as save you a lot of time on maintenance. Here are a few ways in which our product can be applied to achieve a great hardscape.


Achieve Balance

When it comes to landscaping, it’s important to find a balance between the hard and soft elements of your garden. Beautiful plants and smartly designed structures can be used used effectively in conjunction with one another, with both elements combining to create a balanced and aesthetically appealing environment.

Backyards should be inviting and peaceful, but it’s easy to go overboard with hardscape materials such as concrete and large rocks. The grey colour and imposing placement can leave your yard looking industrial and uninviting.

Porous resin is an exceptional choice for hardscaping, because it allows you to strike the perfect balance between hard/soft and customize to your hearts content. We offer our customers the choice of a wide range of natural rocks, all sourced from local quarries. Porous resin has a natural, rustic appeal and there are many warm/cool colours to choose from, so you can create a zen-like paradise that ties in with your surrounding plants and features.


No more erosion and runoff worries

Concrete and rocks contribute to soil erosion and runoff, which can damage your lawn and garden beds. Porous resin is permeable, allowing water to drain freely. This prevents erosion and pooling, keeping your landscaping safe and undisturbed. Your plants will appreciate the extra water, and you will appreciate the non-slip properties.


Love stones but hate the mess? Full Spec Resin is your hardscaping solution!

Many gardens make use of loose stones and pebbles, and these tend to become displaced over time. They also move around underfoot, causing a hazard to visitors and spreading dirt and mud around your environment. Our unique resin binder ensures that stones remain in place, keeping your landscape looking great all year round. You can also get creative with your designs.

If you’re fond of Japanese style gardens with raked stones, it may be possible to have this done with porous resin too! Just pick out your stones and let us know your design ideas. If it’s possible, we will make it happen. Our resin locks the stones in place and allows water to flow freely through the surface. We’ve had customers install everything from business logos through to directions, geometric shapes and more into their hardscaping. This is a great way to inject some artistic flair and add value to your landscaping, and you won’t need to be raking the stones into place every day like you would normally. 


Hardscape Structures Combined with Porous Resin

In conjunction with our porous resin, we can also create beautiful hardscapes from wood, metal, stone, brick and other materials. We are experts in landscape architecture, constructing everything from steps through to decking, gazebos, fountains and more. The structures we create are stunning in their own right, but when they are bordered by coloured resin they truly shine. Just imagine a beautiful fountain surrounded by Blue Beach coloured stones, or maybe the lovely Yellow Sienna. It sure beats the alternative of grey concrete, and it will give you a little slice of paradise in your own backyard.


Explore your Hardscape Options – Contact Full Spec Today!

Full Spec are your hardscape specialists in Sydney. We have an expert understanding of the local environment and how to create landscaping solutions that add tangible benefits to your property, as well as increasing its value. Whether you are interested in exploring porous resin or any of our other landscaping options, contact us today on 1300 385 577 to discuss your next project and obtain an obligation free quote.