Granny Flats – Value Added Solutions for Home Owners

The humble granny flat used to be merely a place to store your belongings and house the occasional visitor. Nowadays, granny flats can be an asset to your home, enabling you to receive extra income, house friends and family long term or even use as an office space. With a focus on quality, style and functionality, a granny flat from Full Spec is an exceptional choice for any home owner. A great granny flat does not deserve to be hidden away out of sight, it should complement and enhance your existing property and take pride of place in the garden.

There has never been a better time to get a granny flat in Sydney, and we’re here to fill you in on the ways a grant flat can benefit you and your family.

Just like a mini home

Forget those preconceptions about granny flats being small and pokey, poorly equipped and uncomfortable because those days are long gone. Today’s granny flats are better described as miniature houses; boasting the latest in architectural design features as well as quality fittings, air conditioning, large windows, own entranceway, bathroom + kitchen facilities and more.

The tiny house movement is quickly gaining traction, but if you want just a little more space and functionality to make long-term living more comfortable, a granny flat is a much better choice. As a permanent structure, granny flats are built to last and come fully equipped. If you’re looking to earn rental income or house a family member, there’s simply no better choice. 

Add Value to Your Property

Properties with a granny flat are more attractive to prospective buyers and fetch a higher price. Whether you plan to live at your existing address for the foreseeable future or are looking to sell, adding a granny flat will instantly add value to your home.

If you have at least 450sqm of land, you are able to build a granny flat up to 70sqm in size. You may choose to let the property out, and this is a great way to generate income that will quickly see your investment pay off.

Customise Your Way

The sky is the limit when it comes to designing a granny flat. At Full Spec, we build granny flats of all shapes, sizes and styles. Working in close collaboration with your architect and yourself, we accommodate all design requirements and preferences.

You might recall the boring, flat pack granny flats that used to be offered in the 70’s. Todays granny flats are nothing like this, and they can look just as good as your own home if you want it to. Some of the ways we can increase comfort and aesthetic styling include the use of double brick, glazed windows and smooth renders. When the colour and style of your granny flat matches your existing home, it helps to create a peaceful and harmonious environment where nothing looks out of place.


Help Your Children Save Money

With housing costs at an all-time high, your children might be staying at home a little longer than you might have expected. Having a granny flat is a great way to provide them with privacy and a taste of independent living, and at the same time they’ll be able to save up a decent deposit that could go towards a home of their own sometime in the future. This could be one of the greatest gifts you ever give your children.


Sydney Granny Flat Builders – Full Spec are Here to Help

Granny flats make a lot of sense, particularly in Sydney and other hot property markets. Todays granny flats are smart, stylish, energy efficient and well-appointed, making them multi-purposed and a great investment idea for any property owner.

If you’ve been thinking about getting a granny flat and would like to discuss your ideas with our team, please contact us today. We would love to be your builder of choice.