Full Spec Resin – Ideal for Commercial Pool Decks

When you think of a commercial pool, you normally think of either a tiled or concrete decking. This is the area that surrounds the pool, and it is one of the most important considerations when it comes to the safety of your patrons. Hundreds of people will be walking around the sides of your pool each day, so it is important that the surface is comfortable under foot and does not become slippery when wet. Concrete or tiles have been favoured in the past due to their accessibility and affordable pricing, but cost should never be the main consideration when it comes to a commercial venture. Both surfaces can become slippery, and they require extensive maintenance due to cracking, moss build up and chipping.

As an alternative, Full Spec resin enables you to achieve a functional, beautiful pool deck that is naturally porous and slip resistant – and the best part is that it only requires minimal maintenance. Whilst it may cost a little bit more at the start, the long list of benefits and hard-wearing durability more than makes up for this over time. In this post we will highlight some of the reasons why Full Spec porous resin is the best choice for commercial swimming pools.


Good for the user, good for you

Every business wants happy customers, so you need to focus on offering the best services that you can. Traditional materials such as concrete, tiles and wood no longer meet the requirements of the average pool user. Common complaints from users range from being too hot under foot to being too slippery, whilst business owners often complain about the constant upkeep. The good news is that porous resin can solve many of these issues, and it’s incredibly quick and easy to install. Here’s why it makes sense:

  • Comfort and Safety – Porous resin is less prone to heat build-up, and the fine aggregate ensures excellent grip. The surface is smooth and comfortable, and water also drains away quickly. This makes the surface comfortable to walk on at all times – even in bare feet.


  • Accessible for All – A wide range of people use pools. They are commonly used for physiotherapy sessions, so it’s important that less-abled people can access them safely. The resin surface is suitable for pedestrians, people with walkers and those in wheelchairs. By catering to a wider range of customers and their needs, your business will thrive.


  • Aesthetic Appeal – There’s nothing more inviting than a clean, glistening pool on a summers day. Add to the appeal by choosing a custom colour or design for your porous resin decking. Customers will appreciate it, and so will you.


Durability and Common Areas of Application

We specialize in both indoor and outdoor applications. You might also offer other facilities such as a jacuzzi, sauna or hot tubs and our porous resin is also ideal for these areas. It is helpful to think of porous resin as a long-term investment, as the benefits will be appreciated over many years. Installation is quick and easy, especially if we are able to lay the product over an existing surface. But if you’re building from scratch, the deck construction process is still much quicker than alternatives such as concrete or wood.


Over the years you will enjoy:


  • Easy Maintenance – Porous resin can be cleaned quickly and easily using a pressure washer. All it needs is a quick rinse and an occasional sweeping to prevent the build-up of debris.


  • Exceptional Durability – The poolside area receives heavy daily traffic, but there’s no need to worry with porous resin. We create a custom mix that is capable of withstanding heavy traffic and lasting for many years.


  • Environmentally Friendly – Pool chemicals will permeate the surface and be broken down naturally over time. Soil erosion will also be minimized.



Full Spec resin is the only choice for areas surrounding modern commercial pools. Not only is it much safer for your customers, it also offers an aesthetic appeal and easy maintenance that no other material can provide. If you’re ready to build the pool decking of your dreams, contact the team at Full Spec today.