Full Spec Porous Paving – Ideal for your Clients’ Landscaping Projects

As a landscaper, you understand what great design can do for a property. If you aren’t already using Full Spec porous paving on your client’s residences, now is the time to get acquainted with it. Our product is one of the most innovative and appealing ground surface covers on the market, and it can do wonders to the appearance (and value) of a residential or commercial property. If you’ve been looking for a new way to expand your business offering, this is it. Here are a few ways in which Full Spec resin can be incorporated into your client’s landscaping projects.


Laid over old concrete surface

Most older homes and businesses feature the typical drab, hard and unsightly concrete landscaping. This has been favoured for everything from pathways through to car parks/driveways, entryways and even the patio. Attitudes have changed, and people no longer want to live in these “concrete jungles”. Our porous paving product is easy to overlay over these existing concrete surfaces, and it sets quickly too. The client will enjoy natural water drainage, increased aesthetic appeal and cooler temperatures in comparison to the previous concrete surface. It can be incorporated throughout the entire property, from the driveway through to the garden paths and entranceway. Our product is the perfect way to inject new life into any property.

Universal Appeal

Porous paving will never go out of style, as it is makes use of natural rocks that are a key feature of the Australian environment. It doesn’t matter whether you are working on a property that is a new build or old, porous resin will tie in beautifully with the surroundings. You no doubt have customers who have also invested heavily in their garden, so they will be pleased to know that soil erosion will be reduced, and the plants will receive adequate water supply thanks to the natural drainage of porous resin. This is a product that will never go out of style, and it will appeal to anyone.

Safety Benefits

Porous resin provides exceptional slip resistance, and it is also wheelchair friendly. If you have elderly or less-able clients, you should encourage the use of porous resin for this reason. This is particularly important when working on commercial landscaping projects, such as for a medical centre. People of different abilities will be using the services on a daily basis, and porous resin will cater to their needs. No business wants to be dealing with costly insurance claims and maintenance issues, and there’s no need to worry with porous resin. There is no puddling or cracking to be concerned about.

Wide Colour Choice

Concrete is out of fashion, no one wants a boring grey driveway or pathway. Your clients will be delighted to discover that we offer 26 different choices of natural stones, and they can even choose from 6 different colours of recycled glass if they want to get creative. The design options with Full Spec resin are endless, and your customers will have a lot of fun designing a landscape that is unique to them. Here are a few tips when making suggestions to your clients:

  • Lighter colours will reduce the temperature around their home, whilst darker colours are ideal for use in areas such as garden paths, decorative alcoves or as borders around the plants. They can also create some great designs by opting to mix colours.


  • Recycled glass is a visual treat, and it looks incredible when incorporated around the garden or pool area. Some commercial clients might like to build a small children’s play area that incorporates recycled glass, and it is sure to be appreciated by children and parents alike. Don’t be surprised if it also results in a number of referrals to your business!


  • Commercial clients may like to incorporate their brand/company logo into their Full Spec porous resin surface, so make sure to suggest this as an option. Popular suggestions for branded areas might be the carpark or the main entrance way. Recycled glass would work well, because it draws attention from passers-by. This will help to strengthen brand recognition amongst customers.


As a skilled landscape professional, it pays to keep an eye on the latest trends. Our product provides you with an endless array of possibilities when it comes to landscape design, enabling you to express your creativity to its full potential.

Your clients are sure to appreciate the wide range of colours that we have available, and the finished product will be appreciated for many years to come. Both residential and commercial clients will enjoy the versatility and functionality that our product provides as it is a unique way to make their property/business stand out from the rest.

Whether you have a landscape project big or small, we look forward to hearing from you and introducing you to our product. We can’t wait to see what you achieve. Get in touch with Full Spec today!