Enjoy a Thriving Garden with Full Spec Resin

The garden is arguably the most attractive and peaceful place in any home. It is a place for you, your family and your guests to relax in natural surroundings and enjoy the sounds of nature. You’ve invested good money in some beautiful plants and have a lush green lawn, so it’s worth looking after them as best you can. Full Spec resin can help to keep your garden looking its best by evenly distributing natural rainwater and increasing the aesthetic appeal and functionality of your garden paths. Here are a few reasons why porous resin makes a lot of sense for the garden.


No More Gravel, No More Mess

Many garden paths are made using loose gravel. Not only are the stones prone to shifting and discolouring, they also trap dirt which can be walked back into the house. Prams and wheelchairs are difficult to push on gravel surfaces, and slips and falls are all too common amongst children playing in the garden. By installing porous paving over your existing gravel, you will enjoy excellent slip resistance, no loose stones and much less mess and maintenance.

Sick of Pulling Weeds? Porous Resin Is the Answer!

Weeds cannot penetrate through our resin. Concrete pathways and gravel require constant maintenance because the stones shift or the concrete cracks, allowing unsightly weeds to start growing and spreading. Simply lay over these surfaces with Full Spec resin and your weeding days are over!

Reduced Need for Manual Watering

Porous paving is permeable, which means natural rain waiter can drain directly into the ground. Your plants and lawns will look green and luscious all year round, with less water wastage and reduced need for manual watering.

Beautiful Garden Beds and Tree Surrounds

Full Spec offers a choice of 25 different colours of stones, and 6 different colours of recycled glass. Held firmly in place by our resin, you can create a stunning garden bed or tree surrounding that will look great and keep your plants healthy and watered. The roots will also have a chance to breathe, which improves the health and vitality of your plants. And the best part is that root systems of large trees will not cause cracks as they grow, as porous paving is highly resistant to cracking.

Easier to Work Around

Working around the garden should be a pleasure, but gravel and cracked concrete can make it very uncomfortable. Gardens take some work to maintain, and this often involves kneeling or sitting down on the ground. Porous paving is comfortable to kneel or sit on and does not get as hot as concrete, so you will be much more motivated to get out in the garden.

Perfect for Children’s Play Areas

You can create a great space for your children to explore and enjoy the garden. Recycled glass works great and is a visual treat for the eyes. Your kids will love learning in the outdoors, and you can rest easy in the knowledge that the risk of slipping and tripping is significantly reduced.


Perfect Around the Pool

Keep the family safe by installing Full Spec resin around the edge of your pool. Water will drain away quickly, and the slip resistant finish will help prevent trips and falls from occurring.


Transform your Garden today with Full Spec!

These are just a few great reasons to transform your garden space. Porous resin adds to the value and functionality of your garden in more ways than one. It is affordable, aesthetically pleasing, exceptionally durable, functional and easy to install and maintain. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you to transform your garden!