Complete Engineering & Construction Development Security

While a large percentage of our work is new homes, FSA also excels at commercial constructions. Using our high levels of experience, great track record and versatility, we provide construction services for a range of commercial sectors including retail, industrial and facility management.

Our approach to site production and safety paves the way for our exceptional performance, as our highly skilled and in-demand Site and Project Managers will ensure the build is seamless.

FSA offers complete engineering & construction development security for your commercial project. We have extensive fit out experience, and understand the constraints and deadlines of the commercial sector. Our team’s anticipation of your fit out needs are evident on each project

Rectifying foreseeable plan and project issues


Our project management experience has been gained at the forefront of the commercial building industry.

Liaising with council and surrounding neighbors


We are able to negotiate on your behalf in gaining council clearance, and in discussion with neighbours.

Developing timelines and contingencies


We remain aware and fully vigilant in ensuring projected end dates of projects are met 100% of the time.

Acquiring of all building materials


The ability to be properly organised with the maximum efficiency to ensure minimum downtime is an attribute we take very seriously.

Site and Project Management


Our project management skills come from tried and tested experiences at the forefront of the commercial building industry.

Working to budget & timeframes


We understand that your project is likely being financed at least to some extent, and that the debt you have taken on is something we are highly respectful of.

After construction service


All needs in the process of helping you or your customers begin to feel at home in a new office or house is in some ways the most important thing of all.