Coastal Living – Why You Should Consider Porous Paving

Australia has some of the best beaches and ocean views in the world. If you’re lucky enough to live on the coast, you want to spend time enjoying your home with family and friends – not cleaning and maintenance. Your concrete driveway and pathways might be looking a little worse for wear, and this is due to coastal erosion, sea spray, flooding and shifting which are all a part of coastal living. Over time this usually results in costly cracking and crumbling, which makes your pathway unsafe for use.

Porous Resin – a Smart Product Made for Coastal Living

One of the most common problems with concrete is flooding. Concrete is a hard, non-porous material which allows water to build up on the surface. Not only does this result in wasted water and soil erosion, but the persistent moisture will also lead to development of moss which can make the surface very slippery. None of these issues occur with the use of porous paving. Our product is permeable, allowing water to drain away naturally into the ground. The fine natural stone aggregate in the surface also helps to improve grip under foot, making it a significantly safer choice for your family.

Living close the beach means you don’t need to worry about the hassle of parking, but sometimes driving can seem like a better alternative when you must traverse scorching hot concrete pathways. Concrete traps and reflects heat, making your environment feel much hotter and making it very uncomfortable to walk on. Porous resin stays relatively cool and comfortable, so there’s no need to worry about those barefoot walks back from the beach.

Porous paving also benefits your garden. No longer will natural rainwater be left to drain away and contribute to soil erosion issues, instead it will nourish your lawn and garden. This reduces your need to manually water plants and allows you to enjoy a flourishing garden all year round. Coastal areas often have limited resources, so porous paving is an ideal way to reduce your environmental footprint whilst also adding value to your property. By opting to install porous paving on your driveway, garden paths, patio and entrance way you can achieve an environmentally friendly, sustainable environment that is also pleasing to the eye.

Durability and Customization of Porous Paving

Unique coastal conditions wreak havoc on concrete, but porous paving is designed to withstand the elements. Full Spec guarantee the product for ten years, but in reality you can expect your new surface to last up to 25 years. All that is required is some basic maintenance, simply hose down the surface with a pressure washer every few months to keep it effective and looking great.

Full Spec offer a choice of 24 natural stones in a wide array of colours. Our customers appreciate the ability to customise their paving to achieve the result of their dreams. We even offer 6 choices of beautiful recycled glass for those who want to get creative. It doesn’t matter whether you own a traditional or contemporary home, with such a wide selection of colours and stones there is nothing holding you back. Forget the drab and boring grey concrete, reinvigorate your surroundings today with porous paving from Full Spec.   


Summary – Great Reasons to use Full Spec Resin

  • Water drains away quickly
  • Cooler under foot, no more burnt feet walking back from the beach!
  • Endless customisation – coastal environments are unique, you can choose the types of stones/colours that will fit in with your environment. Maybe blue beach coloured stones to match the ocean? Yellow to match the sand? The choice is up to you!
  • Perfect for outdoor entertainment areas – pave over your patio or pool surrounding and enjoy minimal maintenance as well as sound absorption and non-slip properties.


Contact us today and see how our porous resin product can improve the value and functionality of your coastal home. Porous paving will add value to your home, and it doesn’t need to cost a fortune. We can simply pave over your existing surface, saving you time and money. Contact us today to discuss your requirements!