Apartment and Condo Living – Improving Communities with Full Spec Resin

With space at a premium, living in high rise buildings and apartments is becoming more common. With a wide range of people all living in close proximity to one another, it is important that strata managers find ways to improve the standard of living for all residents.

Common pathways, pool sides and driveways found in older apartment buildings were traditionally made from concrete. These surfaces now look a little worse for wear and are likely exhibiting signs of cracking and moss build up. This is not only a safety issue, it also sends out the wrong impression to both residents and passers-by.

 Why not breathe some new life into your apartment building and consider resurfacing with Full Spec porous resin? Residents are sure to appreciate it, and it will also save you time and money on maintenance.


Our Product

Through our partnership with Stone Set, Full Spec have developed a polyurethane based resin. We provide customers with a wide selection of beautiful aggregates from which they can choose, and these will be held securely in place by the resin. The appeal with our product lies in the fact that it is porous, meaning it will allow rain water to flow through the surface. This puts an end to pooling of water and soil erosion, two of the most common complaints with non-porous surfaces. This is great news for your gardens because it will reduce the need for manual watering. It will also prevent the surface from becoming slippery due to moss build-up, preventing you from having to deal with costly slips and falls insurance claims.

Full Spec resin is an environmentally friendly product, and we source all stones from local quarries. We are passionate about using recycled products where we can, as it reduces the contribution to landfill. You can create your own unique aesthetic as we have a wide colour range of more than 26 different options. Everything from natural colours through to classic black and white are available, and for the creative there is even the option to include recycled coloured glass in the mix (if appropriate).

The surface is naturally slip resistant due to the fine aggregate, but we go one step further and include a coating of sand during the drying process. This guarantees exceptional slip resistance for the life of the product, and it’s sure to be appreciated by residents as they are returning to their apartment with heavy bags of shopping.


Value Adding

Perhaps the most compelling reason for choosing to overlay your existing surface with Full Spec porous resin is the fact that it will increase property values. It will vastly improve the appearance of your apartment or condo property from the street, leading to increased interest from prospective buyers and investors. Properties that are environmentally friendly are also highly attractive to buyers, as it signifies an investment in the health of the local community and wellbeing of residents. Porous resin is great for the environment because it helps to break down chemicals, stop soil erosion and chemical runoff and hydrate the garden without the need for manual water wastage.

You might also choose to incorporate logos or an apartment/condo coat of arms. This is easily done with porous resin, and it it will help to strengthen community awareness. We can also include lines for parking spaces, or perhaps even directional diagrams within the paving. These are just a few of the ways in which porous resin can add value and utility to your property. We are sure you would agree that it is vastly superior to drab, boring old concrete.


Popular Applications for Apartment and Condo Communities

Here are just a few ways in which Full Spec resin has been used:

  • Creating sports facilities such as basketball courts and tennis
  • Community garden paths and relaxation areas for residents
  • Pool surroundings, helping to reduce the incidence of slips and falls and keep pool looking great
  • Pathways around resident apartments, you can even choose to have the building number inlaid within the paving
  • Parking lots – we can create a custom mix that will withstand heavy traffic. Line markings and parking spot numbers can also be added
  • Many young families live in apartments, so why not build a small playground for the children. Porous resin is much more comfortable than hard concrete, and the choice of colours add to the interest.
  • At the entryway to the leasing office. We can incorporate your logo into the paving to strengthen brand awareness.


The days of the concrete jungle are over, it is time to refresh apartment and condo living and bring it into the modern world. If you’ve been looking for an environmentally friendly, cost effective way to rejuvenate your apartment or condo complex, look no further.

Contact Full Spec today and allow us to breathe some new life into your old, tired apartment building with our porous paving product.