Alternatives to Concrete Pathways

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more boring than a drab grey concrete pathway. Whilst it has traditionally been favoured by builders, it is not aesthetically pleasing and is a poor choice in comparison to newer, safer, smarter and more exciting products like our porous resin. In this blog post, we will highlight just a few reasons why a resin pathway is a great alternative to concrete. Say goodbye to boring – invest in a porous resin pathway and add value to your home or business today.


Make your Garden Paths Aesthetically Appealing and Functional

The garden is one of the most beautiful areas of the home, and it is a place for both relaxation and entertaining purposes. Gardens also retain moisture, and this can lead to moss growth and discolouring on your concrete paths. Tree roots can also cause cracking, presenting a trip hazard to all those who visit your garden. Concrete takes a significant amount of time and money spent on maintenance, and in the busy world of today it is an impractical choice.

Full Spec Resin is a far better alternative, helping your garden to look its best and increasing safety for visitors. Not only can you choose from a wide range of beautiful colours and stones, but you will also benefit from non-slip properties, minimal maintenance and natural drainage. Why settle for a drab grey when you could choose natural stones that compliment your plants and unique surroundings? We have a colour to suit every garden and personality.

Porous resin allows water to drain freely into the ground, where it nourishes your grass and surrounding plants. This will help to reduce your water bill and the need for manual watering, and you’ll get to enjoy a lush, green garden all year round. It is also exceptionally resistant to cracking, so you won’t be dealing with any pesky weeds that are often spotted coming out of the cracks in concrete pathways.


Suitable for all environments

Porous resin is not only ideal for residential pathways, but also businesses, schools, aged care facilities, hospitals, gardens and more. One of the main reasons why porous reason is so popular is due to its seamless construction. This means it is pram and wheelchair friendly, and will not cause a trip hazard for users. This is especially important for places such as day-care centres and hospitals, where children and less abled people will be using pathways on a frequent basis.

Our product can be installed on your entrance ways, alongside railings and all other paths or paved areas around your property. You wont need to worry about pooling and flooding anymore, minimizing the risk of costly insurance claims and complaints from customers, students, patients and their families.


Easy Maintenance

As far as maintenance goes, all it needs is a quick hose down with a pressure washer every couple of months. This will keep your surface looking clean whilst also maintaining the natural drainage properties.


Quick to install – Laid directly over your existing concrete path/pavers

The installation of concrete can be quite time consuming, but our product couldn’t be simpler to install. If you have existing pathways, we can simply lay over them. In most cases, work can be completed the very same day.


Contact Full Spec Today!

Whether you’re considering alternatives to concrete for your new build, or if you have some existing concrete pathways in need of a facelift, don’t look any further – contact Full Spec today on 1300 385 577, or make an enquiry on our website.

Why go concrete when you could benefit from anti-slip properties, natural drainage, minimal maintenance, a clean and beautiful aesthetic and endless customization options provided by a porous resin pathway.